One person protest

performance, 80′
at BWA Warszawa
Warsaw, Poland (2017)

and at MKC
Split, Croatia (2018)

For 2 hours, I lie on the floor, naked, completely covered with an official European Flag in which I had previously stitched the sentence “Wenn wir nicht dafür sorgen, dann wird das niemand Anderes machen”.

“Wenn wir nicht dafür sorgen, dann wird das niemand Anderes machen” is a sentence pronounced by Martin Schulz during his speech on the 19th of March 2017 when he was elected president of the Social Democratic Party in Germany. The sentence originally referred to Germany: Schulz was calling all German citizens to work together for the improvement and the empowerment of the German Nation. However, in the Italian press (which is the source of the performance by Ruben Montini), the sentence was manipulated and used as reference to the whole European Union. Whether the news was manipulated or not, the sentence can be largely applied to a very historical moment in Europe, when the call for cooperation is strikingly urgent in order to secure the future of the EU.

ph. Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio